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Our Story...

In 2018, I came to Disney to teach in the Dual Immersion program. However, I had an idea! I wanted to establish a school wide Science Fair. I was fortunate enough to have been teaching the daughter of our then PTA President, Charlene Walters. We became friends and began to develop this idea of a Fair.


At the same time, my principal, Molly Hwang, wanted to host a parent engagement night and I suggested we do a Science Night. I had recently taken part in a training called STEMsposium and thought it would be a perfect fit. We had over 18 discrepant events and demonstrations all over campus and invited parents and students to come explore. All who attended asked, "When can we do it again?"


Our principal and our PTA helped us fund Science Night 2018 and it was a HUGE success. Our amazing Disney PTA voted to also fund our first ever Science Fair established in January of 2019.  

This year we held our Science Night virtually and over 80 students participated. We weren't going to let a pandemic stop us. We went into our Virtual Science Fair with the same mentality. We can do this. We can continue to explore. We can embrace a new way to share our love for Science.

If it wasn't for our committee, it wouldn't get done. Meet our team!

Our Team...


Maestra García

Science Fair Coordinator


Susan Francisco

Cheryl Rave

Mrs. Morrison

Science Fair Coordinator

Candace Malta


Geovana Waters


Ms. Pumilia

Science Fair Coordinator

Todd Malta

Charlene Walters


Rachel Zimmerman

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